Spring || Polaroid

April 9, 2014
Spring || Polaroid

Cherry blossoms in bloom in East London. Photographed on Impossible Project SX-70 Colour film. Pictures by Amy Freeborn
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The Rossendale Fairies – a scientific tale of small proportions

April 4, 2014
Rossendale Fairies by John Hyatt

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - This week I came across links to several versions of a story out of Manchester claiming a university professor had photographed fairies. Before you ask, no, the articles weren’t published on the 1st, so I could rule out an April Fool. And John Hyatt, the...
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How a seaweed scientist helped win the war

March 26, 2014
marine algae, Kallymenia perforata

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - Do you know the difference between a cryptogamist and a cryptogramist? The MoD certainly didn’t, at least not during World War II, and that’s why it recruited former Museum scientist Geoffrey Tandy to work at Bletchley Park. You see, a cryptogamist is an expert in...
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Specimen of the Month #5: Hummingbirds

March 26, 2014
hummingbird cabinet

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - “No description of fairylike perfection is too saccharine for the hummingbird. They live in a world of blossoms, sweet nectar, and the untainted freshness of everlasting spring” – Rachel Poliquin, The Breathless Zoo. If I was forced to choose a favourite specimen or exhibit at...
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A day out at Tring

March 14, 2014

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – Last week I was lucky enough to escape my office in London for a day out at the Museum in Tring. Just 35 minutes after boarding a train at Euston, I arrived at Tring station and was picked up for the 2-mile drive to Walter...
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Women talk tech and careers in computer science

March 3, 2014
Luz Rello

Published on Yahoo! – - Around 250 women from 32 countries came together at Manchester University on Saturday to talk technology. Students and early career researchers mixed with experts from industry and academia, all in the name of promoting and encouraging women in the field of computer science. “It was an inspiring event, covering...
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The Lost Gloves Of A London Winter 2013 / 14

March 1, 2014
Lost Glove 2013 / 14

Pictures by Amy Freeborn
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Specimen of the Month #4: the mermaid, aka the jenny haniver, aka the guitar fish

February 28, 2014
mermaid painting

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - I spent my formative years living by the beach, so the idea of being able to swim unhindered by lungs that need air to absorb oxygen was a fantastical one. Yes, I daydreamed about being a mermaid. And, a few years ago, I discovered that...
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From Museum floor to scientific collection

February 25, 2014
brachiopod doorstop

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – I received an email recently from one of my contacts in the Museum’s library which simply said: ‘Zoe Hughes has a doorstop with an interesting story’. Intrigued, I fired off an email to fossil invertebrates (Brachiopods and Cephalopods) curator Zoe and made a date to...
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Where Brazilian fish and brilliant composers meet

February 16, 2014

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - In my ongoing quest to uncover the most fascinating and curious specimens and stories from behind the scenes at the Museum, I recently came across this lovely tale that I think epitomises the inquisitiveness, perseverance and patience that it takes to be a good scientist....
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