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Sylvia Pankhurst And The East London Suffragettes

Few people realise that Bow is the heartland of Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Federation of Suffragettes. Within 100 metres of Roman Road lie the sites of the Suffragette’s East End head quarters, their revolutionary enterprises, and the bloody battles that mark key moments in the history of women’s suffrage…

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Hallucinogenic Books

Libraries can expand your mind in more ways than one. A leading London mycologist has claimed that old books, particularly those stored in less than perfect conditions, can provide inspiration without the need to read even a single word; just take a deep breath. In his Lancet journal paper ‘Sick Library Syndrome’, Dr R J Hay…

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The natural world is full of gods, goddesses and other mythological creatures, in name, if not spirit. For nomenclature convention draws heavily on the Greek and Roman classics when labelling new species and other scientific phenomena. One particularly pleasing term – perhaps more for what it describes than how it describes it – is petrichor. It is…

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Pyramid Of Death

In the 1820s, the tallest building in London was St Paul’s Cathedral, at 111 metres high. But architect Thomas Willson had grander plans. In 1829 he proposed to build a massive granite pyramid on Primrose Hill. It would rise 290 metres and cover a site of 18.5 acres. Willson declared: “(It) will go far towards…

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Inside St Paul’s Cathedral

My name’s Amy and I’m a ‘no photography’ rule flouter. Many a time I’ve felt the shoulder tap and heard the hushed “no photos, Miss” from a museum or gallery worker. So when the rare opportunity arose to visit St Paul’s Cathedral after hours for a special photographer’s event, I jumped at the chance to…

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