An A-Z Of Kate Bush’s Come-Back Concert

September 13, 2014
An A-Z Of Kate Bush’s Come-Back Concert

I was lucky. Very lucky. In March, I managed to buy a pair of tickets to one of Kate Bush’s 22 live shows (her first in 35 years) in the 15 minutes before they sold out. Last night was the big night. Last night I saw Kate Bush present Before The Dawn. It was a...
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100 passenger pigeon facts on the 100th anniversary of its extinction

September 1, 2014
Audubon's passenger pigeons

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – - Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of the last living passenger pigeon. After the dodo, it is one of the most famous examples of human-caused extinction in the world. To commemorate, I (with some invaluable help and contributions from my Museum colleagues, the...
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Specimen of the month #10: Eugen Sandow, the ‘perfect man’

August 30, 2014

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – When the naked models for our Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story exhibition were unveiled at the Museum earlier this year, there were a few sniggers – from staff and visitors alike – at their state of undress. But Ned the Neanderthal and...
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Senses, Drinks and Rock n Roll

August 22, 2014
senses, drinks and rock n roll

Why do guitars taste of hops? It wasn’t a question I’d ever considered until I saw it posed as the title of a multi-sensory beer and music matching event. I was intrigued; and as a casual ale drinker, keen music fan, and a writer with an interest in science, I felt compelled to investigate. And so...
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Lolita, Lepidoptera and us

August 21, 2014
Nabokov butterflies

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – It’s 56 years ago this week that Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita was published in America (55 years in the UK). What does that have to do with the Museum, you might ask? Well, the Russian-born writer was also a keen lepidopterist. He published nine scientific...
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Specimen of the Month #9: a carved hornbill skull

July 31, 2014
carved hornbill skull

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – ‘Art is only nature operating with the aid of the instruments she has made': Paul Henri, Baron d’Holbach; French philosopher. Rarely have I come across a quote more fitting, than the above to the subject of this month’s blog: a carved hornbill skull held in...
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The so-called magico-medicinal properties of minerals

July 29, 2014

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – Call me a hopelessly stereotypical girl fascinated by sparkly things, but two of my favourite galleries in the Museum are the Earth’s Treasury and the Minerals Gallery. Yes, they’re both filled with pretty crystals, gems and minerals, but I love them also because they’re a...
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How to Turn Your CDs into LPs

June 30, 2014
Aleksanger Kolkowski's CD-Recycled 45rpm

Published by The Atlantic – – London musician Aleksander Kolkowski is giving new life to a dying musical format—by turning it into an even older format. His idea: repurpose the compact disc to play like its musical predecessor, the vinyl record. “I’m taking the optical digital back to analogue,” he says. Using a modified...
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Specimen of the Month #8: a book on the evolution of the book on evolution

June 26, 2014
Origin of Species by Simon Phillipson

Natural History Museum Behind the scenes blog – – The topic of this blog post is quite possibly the newest specimen in the Museum’s collection, as it was just a matter of hours ago that it was catalogued. It’s also the first specimen I’ve played a part in acquiring. The specimen I am talking...
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