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I’ve Made A Magazine – Phox Pop

by | 3 December, 2015

Phox Pop issue 1 coverOn my right wrist I’ve got a tattoo of music notation. It’s a piece from the 1965 Bob Dylan song ‘Maggie’s Farm’ (which I first heard on Rage Against The Machine’s 2000 covers album, ‘Renegades’). The lyric it corresponds to is: “I’ve got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane”.

As soon as I heard that line, I immediately felt an affinity with it. Because, while I’ve not (yet) lost my mind, it is packed with so many ideas that available resources prevent me from bringing anywhere near as many of them to fruition as I would like.

But this idea’s time has come. Earlier this year I promised myself that no matter what, in 2015, I would finally produce the magazine I’d dreamed of making for years and years. And Phox Pop is it.

Phox Pop [foks pop]

Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘voice of the people’; shortened to vox pop, in media it is an interview with members of the public, the ‘word on the street’.

Replacing the ‘v’ with the ‘ph’ from photography – based on the Greek phos/light and graphê/drawing or writing – we create phox pop.

Phox Pop is essentially a one-woman creation, but it’s been informed by some of the great indie mags I’ve come across in the past handful of years, and is what I believe to be an ideal photo-journalistic collection of thoughtful and inspiring content.

The stories within are about thinkers, seekers, makers and doers that I admire. Their work has been chosen with a nod to history, filtered through a contemporary lens.

My ambition is to grow Phox Pop beyond Issue 1, but as I compose these words (and hit ‘send’ on the file to the printer), I also cross an item off my ‘to do’ list, so even if all else stalls, at least I’ve done this.

Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without the help and support of some good friends and talented colleagues, most notably designer extraordinaire Somari van der Westhuizen, who has brought the words and images of Phox Pop beautifully to paper.

Phox Pop Issue 1 is out now, and is available to buy online for £6.

Thank you – here’s to achieving dreams, and I hope you enjoy the read.