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Phox Pop magazine Issue 3

by | 20 March, 2017

Phox Pop issue 3 coverThree issues in, I guess I really am a magazine publisher now…!

This third instalment is inspired in part by the years of my teens and early 20s I spent living by the ocean.

I couldn’t begin to count all the shells and pebbles and other stuff I picked up on beach walks during those years.

So when I came across the story of Steve Etches, whose lifetime of beachcombing for fossils culminated in the establishment of a museum, it really resonated with me.

Slightly further along the Issue 3 commissioning process, when (cover star) Steve McPherson got in touch about his beach find artworks, it seemed to perfectly complement and contrast Etches’ work, while at the same time connecting all of our appreciations for a stretch of beach and the myriad things that can be discovered there.

Issue 3’s 96 advertising-free pages are also packed with a bunch of other people whose pursuits I really appreciate.

Inside, readers will:

  • Learn about leading women behind the lens through history, and a banned spirit brought back to life and legality.
  • Find out how to create a cybernetic rock star from skin cells, and what it takes to build a new nation from a terra nullius.
  • Meet a man on a mission to right a single grammatical wrong, and an artist who reimagines from redacted historical texts.
  • Plus, take a lesson in body positivity.

Phox Pop magazine Issue 3 is out now, and is available to buy online for £6.