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Phox Pop magazine Issue 4

by | 27 November, 2017

Phox Pop issue 4 cover​Phox Pop is a magazine founded by a woman; editorial and art directed by women; copy checked by women; and, to date, a majority of the content has been produced by women (83%).

My editorial decisions are entirely driven by what I come across / am recommended / is submitted to us, that 1) fits the thinkers, seekers, makers, doers strapline, and 2) I personally find curious and/or creative.

But in a world that is still disproportionately geared towards men – professionally, financially, even in terms of women’s bodily autonomy – it’s refreshing to find, issue after issue, so many amazing women that I can’t wait to feature within the magazine’s pages.

This fourth instalment is no exception: I’ve been able to interview an artist whose work knows no limits, and tell the story of a pensioner who refused to let bureaucracy – or the 500-year-old foundations of a building – stand in her way. We profile an expeditioner who shone a light on the lives of enslaved women, and a pair of scientists uncovering enlightenment in Dark Ages medical texts. Plus, hear from two different women finding fascinating connections between past, present, identity and place.

But that’s not to say we’ve sidelined men: inside you’ll hear from a wanderer, an eco-art-warrior, a psychologist investigating language and colour perception, and a formerly burnt-out creative now bursting with ideas.

I hope you’ll find the stories as compelling, and the people as inspiring, as I do.

Phox Pop magazine Issue 4 is out now, and is available to buy online for £6.

PS: For the record, to date, 38% of the content published in Phox Pop has had women as a subject (55% in Issue 4!). There’s room for improvement in that average, but where I’d really like to make some progress in the future is on the diversity front. Recommendations and pitches gratefully accepted.